United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Blind Rehabilitation Service


Welcome to Blind Rehabilitation Services (BRS)


VA Blind Rehabilitation Services LogoThe Blind Rehabilitation Programs:

  • Support blind and low vision Veterans and active duty Servicemembers in regaining their independence and quality of life to enable their successful integration into family and community life.
  • Support family and significant others to better understand visual impairment and foster the provision of appropriate support, to assist in enhancing home environments and to reduce caregiver burden.


Blind Rehabilitation Service will provide high quality care in a timely and appropriate manner enabling blinded Veterans to acquire the skills and capabilities necessary for the development of personal independence and emotional stability.


"A Blind Center is where faith is strongest that blind people deserve hope, respect and freedom. These are accorded first, followed by the means of achieving them.  Our civilization permits wholesome living when blind and here one learns how."


Russell C. Williams
First Chief, VA Hines Blind Rehabilitation Center