United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Consolidated Patient Account Center (CPAC)

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About CPAC

CPAC (Consolidated Patient Account Center) is an industry-modeled strategy aimed at enhancing billing and collections activities within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) through the consolidation of traditional revenue program functions into regionalized centers of excellence. This initiative offers VHA the best opportunity to achieve superior levels of sustained revenue cycle management by deploying industry-proven methods, processes, business tools, and increased accountability at all levels of the organization.

Prior to moving forward with the national implementation, the Chief Business Office (CBO) thoroughly assessed the viability of this model within Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 6 in Asheville, North Carolina. The Mid-Atlantic CPAC (MACPAC) pilot project was a resounding success, generating unprecedented increases in collections, lowering operating costs, and establishing best practice performance thresholds throughout VHA.

A Congressional mandate (Public Law 110-387) required VHA to implement the CPAC model nationally. VHA completed implementation in September 2012, one year ahead of the mandated schedule.

CPAC Facility Locations
There are seven regional consolidated centers around the country. Host locations were selected based on a thorough market analysis of prospective areas within each CPAC region. Each location was rated and ranked on a variety of factors including: existing areas of revenue office consolidation, availability of existing VA owned space, construction costs, cost and availability of commercial real estate, cost of living, local labor market conditions, and the ability to recruit professional and technical staff.  

  • Mid-Atlantic - Asheville, NC
  • Mid-South - Smyrna, TN
  • North Central - Middleton, WI
  • Florida\Caribbean - Orlando, FL
  • North East - Lebanon, PA
  • Central Plains - Leavenworth, KS
  • West - Las Vegas, NV