United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers

Bronx/New York Harbor GRECC



James J. Peters VA Medical Center
130 West Kingsbridge Road
Bronx, NY 10468
Phone: (718) 584-9000 
Fax: (718) 741-4211




Mount Sinai School of Medicine 


GRECC Director:   

Albert Siu, MD, MSPH


Associate Director for Research: 

Kennth Boockvar, MD


Associate Director for Education/Evaluation: 

Judith Howe, PhD     


Associate Director for Clinical Programs: 

Elizabeth Clark, MD 



Bronx/New York Harbor GRECC Focus:  Palliative Care, Prevention of functional disability, Alzheimer's Disease

In FY 2010, the VISN 3 GRECC staff published 39 peer reviewed papers, conducted over 100 presentations both locally and nationally, provided over 50,000 training hours in geriatrics and palliative care, and expended $2,613,211.00 in research awards. Some of the VISN 3 GRECC’s current research interests include:  the impact of mental illness in end of life care; improving end of life care; improving quality of care for the aging in emergency departments; evaluating the use of informatics to improve quality of care; improving the process of, and the outcomes related to, transferring patients from one site to another; and preventing decline in physical, mental, and social abilities.

The VISN 3 GRECC education division offers a range of programs for learners of all clinical and educational levels. The Associated Health Seminar hosts Master’s prepared trainees in allied health fields such as nursing, social work, psychology, pharmacy, and audiology/speech pathology. The VISN 3 GRECC also offers one of six interprofessional palliative care fellowship programs throughout the nation. In addition, the GRECC sponsors an annual Geriatrics Health Fair & Exhibition to provide older veterans with comprehensive resources and patient education materials. In FY 2011, the VISN 3 GRECC piloted the Rural Interdisciplinary Team Training (RITT) Program, a new component of the multi-GRECC Geriatric Scholars Program collaborative, aimed to strengthen interprofessional teams and teamlets at rural and highly rural CBOCs through a blended educational intervention. Furthermore, the GRECC is a partner of the Consortium of New York Geriatric Education Centers (CNYGEC), a multi-faceted, competency-based clinically oriented training initiative.

The clinical division of the VISN 3 GRECC has developed and implemented several new models of geriatric and palliative care, a variety of clinical educational initiatives, and evaluations to facilitate dissemination of successful programs and improve clinical care for older veterans. Current clinical demonstration projects include Palliative Care Consult Service; Supportive Care Unit; ALS Palliative Care Clinic; T-21 Transitions of Care Program; Embedded Geriatrics Consultation Clinic; Inpatient Geriatrics Consultation Service; and Advance Care Planning Program. These clinical demonstrations provide direct patient care and serve as laboratories for the training of learners who range from NP and SW students to seasoned clinicians.