United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers

Minneapolis GRECC


VA Medical Center
Minneapolis GRECC (11G)
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone: (612) 725-2051
Fax: (612) 725-2084



University of Minnesota

GRECC Director:

Maurice Dysken, MD

Associate Director for Research:

James Cleary, PhD

Associate Director for Education and Evaluation:

W. Gibson Wood, PhD

Associate Director for Clinical Programs:

J. Riley McCarten, MD

Minneapolis GRECC Research:  Brain imaging and biomarkers in dementia, Animal models of Alzheimer’s disease, driving asssessment in dementia patients.

The Minneapolis GRECC was established in 1978. It currently serves elderly Veterans in VISN 23, which spans Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. In fiscal year 2009 the Minneapolis GRECC published 47 peer reviewed papers, provided 7,939 person hours of geriatric education, and expended $4,545,612 in research awards. Its current research interests include: clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease; animal models of Alzheimer's disease; brain imaging and biological markers of dementia; assessing the driving ability of dementia patients; and new models of delivering care for Alzheimer's disease.

Education: Provides annual national conference; bimonthly aging seminar series; satellite series on aging; provides education and training for psychology interns, social work students, pharmacy students, medical residents and students; lectures for professional organizations; has Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program; provides continuing education programs for VA and non-VA staff on Alzheimer's and other dementia's.

Clinical: Centers on the evaluation and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. The GRECC Clinical Program revolves around interdisplinary outpatient teaching clinic. Functional assessments are performed through a GRECC Occupational Therapy Clinic. Results of the evaluation and treatment plan are reviewed in a family meeting. Patients from GRECC Clinic are recruited for clinical research protocols.