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2014-03 Rescission of VHA Handbook 4800.14, Write-offs, Decreases, and Termination of Medical Care Collections Fund (MCCF) Accounts Third-party Receivable Balances, 10A3 - VHA Office of Finance 08/25/2014 08/31/2019
2015-02 Rescission of VHA Directive 2006-016 Mandatory Reporting of Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI), 10P3B - Public Health Strategic Healthcare Group (PHSHG) 03/04/2015 03/31/2019
2015-03 Rescission of VHA Manual M-2, Part X, Chapter 4, Reports (Mental Health Programs), 10P4M - Office of Mental Health Services (Policy) 03/05/2015 03/31/2019
2015-05 Rescission of VHA Manual M-2, Part X, Chapter 2, General Administration, 10P4M - Office of Mental Health Services (Policy) 03/19/2015 03/31/2019
2015-04 Rescission of VHA Manuals M-1, Part IX, Ch. 29, Social Work Staffing Guidelines; M-2, Part XII, Ch. 1, Social Work Service Functions; M-2, Part XII, Ch. 2, Program Responsibilities and Operation; M-6, Part II, Ch. 8, Social Work Service, 10P4C - Care Management and Social Work Service 03/19/2015 03/31/2019
2015-06 Rescission of VHA Directive 2012-011 Primary Care Standards , 10P4F - Primary Care Services 03/26/2015 03/30/2019
2015-01 Rescission of VHA Directive 2008-047 Billing Procedures for Providing VA Health Services to Reservists and National Guard Service Members Who Develop Reactions to the SmallPox Vaccine, 10P - Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Policy and Services 02/12/2015 02/28/2019
2014-05 Rescission of VHA HB 1120.03, Patient Health Education Procedures for Accreditation by The Joint Commission, 10P4N - National Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention 12/05/2014 12/31/2018
2014-04 Rescission of VHA Directive 2012-014, Cost Based and Inter Agency Rates, 10NB - Chief Business Office 11/04/2014 11/30/2018
2014-01 Rescission of VHA Manual M-1, Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 10, Appeals, 10NB - Chief Business Office 02/06/2014 02/28/2018
2014-02 Rescission of VHA Directive 2006-035, Surgical Case Coding, 10P2C - Health Information Goverance 02/19/2014 02/28/2018
2012-07 Rescission of VHA Directive 2003-031, Establishment of a Facility Human Protections Program, 10P9 - Research and Development 06/25/2012 06/30/2016
2012-08 Rescission of VHA Directive 2006-069, Purchasing Bar Code Scanners, Wristband Printers, and Wristband Print Media for Use with Bar Code Clinical Application Software, 10P2A - Health Informatics 06/27/2012 06/30/2016
2012-06 The Secretary of Veterans Affairs' Awards for Excellence in Nursing and for the Advancement of Nursing Programs, 10A1 - Office of Nursing 04/24/2012 04/30/2016
2012-01 Rescission of VHA Directive 2011-030, VHA Social Security Number (SSN) Reduction Policy, 10P7 - Office of Health Information 02/01/2012 02/28/2016
2011-04 Under Secretary for Health's Award for Excellence in Chaplaincy, 10P4E - Specialty Care Service 08/02/2011 08/31/2015
2011-03 Rescission of Directive 2011-014, Bed Hold Policy for VA Community Living Centers, 10NC4 - Geriatrics and Extended Care Operations 05/27/2011 05/31/2015
2010-05 Rescission of VHA Directive 2005-006, Cancel or Decline Enrollment Request, 16 - VHA Business Office 05/17/2010 05/31/2015
2010-04 Rescission of VHA Manual, M-1, Part 1, Chapter 19, Outpatient Dental Care, 16 - VHA Business Office 05/17/2010 05/31/2015
2011-02 Use of Postage Paid Envelopes for Return of Release of Information Forms, 16 - VHA Business Office 04/19/2011 04/30/2015