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Amarillo VA Health Care System

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6010 Amarillo Boulevard, West
Amarillo, TX 79106

Phone: 806-355-9703 Or 806-355-9703
Fax: 806-354-7860
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The Amarillo VA Health Care System, a division of the Southwest VA Health Care Network (VISN 18), provides primary specialty, and extended care of the highest quality to veterans throughout the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, eastern New Mexico, and southern Kansas. Approximatlely 25,000 patients are treated annually. The Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Center located in Amarillo, Texas is the main campus where key admnistrative support services, inpatient, outpatient and speciality care serves are based.  Inpatient care is provided with 44 operating beds for general medical, surgical, and intensive care. Geriatric and extended care is provided in the 120-bed skilled nursing home care unit.  The AVAHCS provides programs such as the OEF/OIF/OND Program, Homeless Veterans Programs, Suicide Prevention, Compensation & Pension The Amarillo VA Health Care System also ensures health care is accessible to those Veterans residing in rural areas through four community-based outpatient clinics located in Lubbock, TX, Childress, TX, Dalhart, TX, and Clovis, NM.  A Veterans Transporation Service (VTS) is available to provide service from CBOC's and rural communities to the Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Center.

Affiliations with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, West Texas A&M University, Amarillo College, and Northeastern State University enable a wide variety of advanced educational opportunities in medicine, pharmacy, optometry and allied health programs.


Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
West Texas A&M University
Amarillo College
Northeastern State University


44 VA Hospital
120 VA Nursing Home




Day Surgery
Emergency Radiation Treatment Facility
Four Community-Based Outpatient Clinics
Hospice Care
Non-invasive Cardiology Diagnostics
Homeless Veteran Programs
Outpatient Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (SARRTP)
Cancer Care
General Surgery
Thoracic Surgery
Diabetes Care
Wound Care
Nutrition services
Audiology, Physical & Occupational Therapy
Geriatric Srvices
Alzheimer Unit
Home-Based Primary Care
Mental Health