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Veterans Health Administration 
    VA Health Care System   Skip VA Health Care System
San Francisco VA Health Care System
    VA Medical Center   Skip VA Medical Center
Central California VA Health Care System
VA Loma Linda Healthcare System
VA Long Beach Healthcare System
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (GLA)
VA Northern California Health Care System
Menlo Park
VA Palo Alto Health Care System
VA San Diego Healthcare System
    Domiciliary   Skip Domiciliary
Aspire Center
    Outpatient Clinic   Skip Outpatient Clinic
Sierra Foothills Outpatient Clinic
Blythe Rural Health Clinic
Capitola Clinic
Chico Outpatient Clinic
Fairfield Outpatient Clinic
Stockton Clinic
Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Center
VA West Los Angeles Healthcare Center
Martinez Outpatient Clinic and Community Living Center
Sacramento Mental Health Clinic at Mather
McClellan Dental Clinic - Sacramento
McClellan Outpatient Clinic - Sacramento
Modesto Clinic
Sepulveda OPC and Nursing Home
Oakland Behavioral Health Clinic
Oakland Outpatient Clinic
Redding Outpatient Clinic
Redlands Blvd Clinic
Mission Gorge Annex
San Jose Clinic
Monterey Clinic
Sonora Clinic
Mare Island Outpatient Clinic
    Community Based Outpatient Clinic   Skip Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Bakersfield Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Chula Vista Clinic
East Los Angeles Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Clearlake VA Outpatient Clinic
Imperial Valley
Eureka VA Outpatient Clinic
Fremont Clinic
Gardena Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Laguna Hills
Lancaster Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Villages At Cabrillo
Merced Community-Based Outpatient Clinic
Oakhurst Community-Based Outpatient Clinic
Oceanside Clinic
Oxnard Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Palm Desert
Rancho Cucamonga
San Bruno VA Outpatient Clinic
Mission Valley Clinic
Sorrento Valley Clinic
SFVA Downtown Clinic
San Luis Obispo Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Santa Ana
Santa Barbara Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Whittier/Santa Fe Springs Clinic
Santa Maria Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Santa Rosa VA Outpatient Clinic
VA Diamond View Outpatient Clinic
Tulare Community-Based Outpatient Clinic
Ukiah VA Outpatient Clinic
Yuba City Outpatient Clinic
    Vet Center   Skip Vet Center
Oakland Vet Center
Bakersfield Vet Center
Chula Vista Vet Center
Santa Cruz County Vet Center
Chatsworth Vet Center
Chico Vet Center
Citrus Heights Vet Center
San Bernardino Vet Center
East Los Angeles Vet Center
Concord Vet Center
Corona Vet Center
West Los Angeles Vet Center
Eureka Vet Center
4B RCS Pacific Western Regional Office
Fresno Vet Center
North Orange County Vet Center
Los Angeles Vet Center
South Orange County Vet Center
Modesto Vet Center
Antelope Valley Vet Center
Peninsula Vet Center
Northbay Vet Center
Sacramento Vet Center
San Diego Vet Center
San Francisco Vet Center
San Jose Vet Center
San Luis Obispo Vet Center
San Marcos Vet Center
Temecula Vet Center
Ventura Vet Center
High Desert Vet Center
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VISN 22: Desert Pacific Healthcare Network
VISN 21: Sierra Pacific Network