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HCHV Frequently Asked Questions

HCHV Frequently Asked Questions

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If I am a veteran how do I get into a contract care bed?

There is a HCHV coordinator at each VA medical center who serves as the point of contact (POC) for this program. This person can assist eligible homeless Veterans in accessing housing and supportive services under contract with local community agencies under contract. See the list of HCHV coordinators.

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If I am a provider how do I apply for contract care / HCHV funding?

Each VA medical center makes these contract applications available at different times depending on funding availability. The local HCHV coordinator can assist you with the application process.

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What else can HCHV do to help?

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The HCHV Outreach Worker is the gateway to begin the homeless Veteran’s recovery. HCHV Outreach Workers are clinically trained mental health providers who interview Veterans to determine what assistance and interventions are most appropriate to meet the Veteran’s unique needs. They connect homeless Veterans with the VA eligibility office.
If the Veteran is eligible, the Outreach Worker facilitates referrals for physical and mental health evaluations and/or to programs are the most appropriate for the Veteran, such as:

  • Inpatient hospitalization
  • Residential Rehabilitation and Treatment Program
  • Grant and Per Diem transitional housing
  • HUD-VASH permanent supportive housing
  • Compensated Work Therapy
  • Community resources

HCHV Outreach Workers also serve as case managers for homeless Veterans until they are involved with another program or are housed. Non-eligible Veterans may be referred to resources for assistance with their military discharge status or to community agencies that can provide direct services to the Veteran.

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