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Office of Acquisition and Logistics (OAL)

Medical/Surgical, Prosthetic and Pharmaceutical Standardization

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VA is slashing costs by standardizing products and sources of supply while, simultaneously, balancing clinician considerations for obtaining quality products.  The National Contract Service Standardization program provides Veterans with high quality continuity of health care and affords concentrated buying power to our federal Government customers.

Medical/Surgical and Prosthetic Standardization

The NCS Medical/Surgical & Prosthetic Standardization group is responsible for the standardization efforts of (not all inclusive): 

  • Medical/Surgical supplies & equipment
  • Dental supplies
  • Devices
    • Laboratory
    • Environmental
    • Radiology
    • Prosthetic

Check out the complete list(Updated 04/01/2014) of standardized contracts.

NCS Contacts

Pharmaceutical National Standardization

The Pharmaceutical National Standardization section is responsible for support of VA and OGA pharmaceutical standardization programs that strive for the best clinical outcomes at leveraged prices.  We work closely with Veteran Healthcare Administration’s (VHA) Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) team, the VISN Pharmacy Executives (VPE), the Medical Advisory Panel (MAP), the DoD’s Pharmacoeconomic Center (PEC) and DLA-Troop Support to coordinate clinical appropriateness with contracting requirements.

Additionally, we competitively negotiate for some of NCS’s highest dollar volume contracts.  Indefinite delivery, requirements-type contracts are the most commonly used contracting vehicles.

NCS Contact

  • Steven Thomas, Director, National Contract Service, (708) 786-4920