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Event results are only available for participants who authorized a news release on registration form.

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Participant News Release Hometown Photo
Macias, John Covina, Calif.  Photo of John Macias
Matthews, Aaron Fond du Lac, Wis.  Photo of Aaron Matthews
McCann, Adam Oberlin, Ohio  Photo of Adam McCann
McGowan, Corine Hemet, Calif.  Photo of Corine McGowan
McMannus, Vic San Diego, Calif.  Photo of Vic McMannus
McSween, Ree Eugene, Ore.  Photo of Ree McSween
Mendenhall, Stanford Meridianville, Ala.  Photo of Stanford Mendenhall
Merced, Sidney Tampa, Fla.  Photo of Sidney Merced
Michaud, Sean San Antonio, Texas  Photo of Sean Michaud
Mitchell, Edwin Vicksburg, Miss.  Photo of Edwin Mitchell
Mitchell, Octavia Chicago, Ill.  Photo of Octavia Mitchell
Mix, Mark Ross, Ohio  Photo of Mark Mix
Montiel, Victor El Monte, Calif.  Photo of Victor Montiel
Moorman, Robert Lakeforest, Ill.  Photo of Robert Moorman