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The VA Geriatric Scholars Program

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The Geriatric Scholars Program is a workforce development program to infuse geriatrics into VA primary care settings.


Geriatric Scholars Program for Rural Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs)

For the past 5 years the Geriatric Scholars Program has provided geriatric training to primary care providers from eligible rural CBOCs.  This program is designed to improve care for older Veterans who live in rural areas and each participant is envisioned as an ambassador of change to improve care in his/her local setting.  Elements of the program include intensive follow-up activities as well as self directed learning for  a longitudinal and tailored learning experience.  For more information, please contact the Greater Los Angeles GRECC and ask for Josea Kramer, PhD at josea.kramer@va.gov or by telephone 818-895-9311.

Geriatric Scholars Program for Primary Care Providers

This new component of the Geriatric Scholars Program focuses on system level changes that impact geriatric care and helps to educate peers (teach back) regarding geriatric medical management. For more information, please contact josea.kramer@va.gov or by telephone at 818-895-9311.

Rural Interdisciplinary Team Training

This new component of the Geriatric Scholars Program provides on-site training to the rural CBOC clinical team to enhance interdisciplinary care, with a special focus on care of older Veterans.  For more information, please contact: jacob.deering@va.gov at the Bronx GRECC.

Geriatric Assessment Pocket Guide

The Greater Los Angeles GRECC developed this pocket guide to assist providers with conducting a geriatric assessment.  VA employees may order copies directly from the VA employee Education System TMS intranet site, using reorder #7045.  Access to TMS is through: http://vaww.sites.lrn.va.gov/vacatalog/default.asp.   For more information, please contact the Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System GRECC at 818-895-93311 or by email to: maryalice.mesa@va.gov.